Thursday, September 25, 2008

GH characters!

Here are the characters from GH. I'll start doing some more animation tests soon.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

GH Walk Cycle Test

Flash is fun! This was a test to learn flash and get a very basic feel on how GH characters should animate.

*edit* Since I can't figure out how to loop the video I exported a longer one so you can see the walk cycle a bit better. It's late.. *yawn* goodnight!

Saturday, September 13, 2008

GH Battle Screen Mockup

My first stab at what I'd like Gan Hunters to look like. The reason the two animals look extra "sketched" is because the girl character "paints" the creatures to fight for the team. I thought it might be fun to make them look sketcherly.


Some doodles from my sketchpad at work.

Practice what you Peach!

Ada Cole asked me to draw Peach for this awesome T-Shirt idea for Dan's birthday. I'm really happy how it came out!

Red Defender

Another contract for characters in a game. This guy is a martian who enjoys listening to music. The baddies are all local wildlife that have been mind-controlled to take over the planet. Naturally he has to blow them up.

Giusty Bear

Giusty likes bears, so naturally I drew him as one. He also likes to say Derp.

Gan Hunters

Me and my buds are making an RPG based game. I think I'd like to take a more cartoony approach. Here are some preliminary sketches.


My good friend Giusty contracted me to do a piece based on his e-comic. It's about cool Moogles doing fun stuff. You can find the comic here:

Moogle Wars!

Sketchbook Puke!

Here are some sketches I've done in the last few months...