Monday, August 3, 2009

Rest in Peace, Joanna.

My Mom's dog Joanna (who is the mother to my own doggie Schala) passed away last week. She loved agility and was a champion in both Agility and AKC show. She was such a sweetie and will be missed. This little painting is for my Mom :)


Salzanos said...

of course this touched my heart a great deal, I love this little memory of her. She loved agility. This is what she will be doing in God's kingdom I am sure! Thank you Tirzah for this precious gift!

Patti said...

What a wonderful thing to do for you Mom and for your doggies Mom. This is just fabulous sweetie. I see you take after your Mother with your talent to paint.

God Bless You Tirzah!

Tirzah said...

thanks you guys :)

Suz said...

Oh Tirzah, that is so precious, what a nice memory picture! Its just beautiful!